The Way To Get Flat Stomach belly fat loss Learn how to lose your weight FAST!

The Way To Get Flat Stomach  belly fat loss  Learn how to lose your weight FAST!

The Way To Get Flat Stomach

November 27, 2010 By Weight Loss Guru In belly fat loss

Some people hard to get flat stomach. This is because there is really no specific exercise that helps one lose fat in that specific area. It is not true that ab workouts flatten the belly very fast. This is because any exercise done by the body burns fat all around the body. What ab workouts do is develop the abdominal muscles. The layer of fat in between the skin and the muscles will only be burned in accordance to the overall fat burned by the entire body during the exercise.

Another reason why it is hard to lose belly fat is because of a hormone called cortisol. This hormone is produced by the adrenal glands and helps create fat around the abdominal area. Cortisol is produced in times of stress and can be reduced with regular exercise. Though stress cannot be avoided, one can limit its effect on the body by living a healthy and active lifestyle.

The best way to have a flatter tummy is to exercise regularly and have a proper diet. There is no other way around it really. Though subscribing to a diet program or exercise program with outrageous claims about you losing fat in no time at all might in some way help you radically reduce your tummy – it still will not amount to their claims.

There is also some serious health risks involved if the diet or exercise program uses extreme methods. There is even a risk of gaining back the fat and more when the program fails. That is why it is advisable to consult a professional about the best diet and exercise program that would fit your body.

It is also important to have a proper support system. If you have struggled with losing weight in the past it is only fair to say that you will probably have a hard time all throughout the diet and exercise regimen. Acquiring the discipline and the proper strength to resist reverting back to old habits and failing to continue the program requires the help and support of loved ones. Having a friend to share the experience with would also be nice.

Other than regular exercise you should also do other things to increase your daily activity. You could walk rather than drive or commute to nearby places. You can also take the stairs a couple of times a week rather than taking the elevator. Care must be taken, though, as your body also needs to rest. A proper balance of activity and rest will help you lose belly fat and keep it that way.

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